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Crystals are frequently part of a healers tool box, whether for their own use, or when working with others.  The pieces below are orgonite styled jewelry, and organite resonators.  They originated from Willheim Reich, and further developed by the Crofts.  

Orgonite is said to assist in keeping ones protected from EMF's and balanced energetically.

Each piece contains copper coiled crystals.  If you have any questions, would like additional pictures or information, drop me a line.  

Prema Orgonite Wand

Prema Orgonite Wand

Rose Quartz, white quartz, clear quartz


7 3/4" L

Rose Orgonite

Rose Orgonite Pendant

1 1/4" round

Ganeshe Light Orange

Orgonite Ganeshe

3" H X 2" W

Red Orgonite Ganeshe

3" H X 2" W

Rose Quartz Organite

Rose Quartz Orgonite 

2 bi-terminated clear quartz crystals, Single terminated clear quartz, rose Quartz, white quartz, rhodonite, Copper coils, magnet.

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