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Engaging your Soul in Conversation with Soul Navigation Cards @ East West Books

Saturday, September 6,  7:00-8:30 PM

Join Leslie in learning new and innovative ways of using the Soul Navigation Cards. Learn how easy they are to use, and how to tap into their mystical depth.  Get clarity about particular concerns and problems, all the while tapping into your own wise knowing.  Whether you already have a deck, or are looking to explore, you are invited to come and play!


Singing BowlsIntro to Sacred Sound and Sanskrit Mantras

Every thought or feeling we have has a vibratory frequency.  By using sound with crystal singing bowls and sanskrit mantras we direct the mind and body into a higher vibratory frequency.   In this workshop we will learn the basic foundation and philosophy of using sound and some practices of Sanskrit Mantra. These practices can be used to balance the chakras, calm the mind, and realign body and mind.

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wandBeading Into the Sacred

Bring your special objects and imbue them with even more of your sacred energy. Learn circular peyote with size 11 seed beads to further embellish your piece. Move into deeper connection with Self through experiential exercises. Let your spirit be your guide.

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Exploring the Astrological Field

Exploring the astrological chart through the use of the constellational field as developed by Bert Hellinger.

To be announced.

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