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Leslie Ciechanowski, M.Ed, LMHC, RYT

Fuzion Healing Arts
Holistic Psychotherapy

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My Approach

Through the use of both traditional therapeutic techniques and alternative healing techniques my work with you would be to assist in identifying and understanding the connections between current and past experiences in your life. To facilitate the release of old patterns of feeling, thinking, and acting, and lay the groundwork for new types of responses. When a problem is very much rooted in the present, the work may be to understand what gives the problem its “charge” and release this.

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About me

I received my Masters in Counseling Psychology (1991), and worked as a psychotherapist in Quebec, British Columbia, and Washington State. I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Washington.

The approach I take towards counseling is eclectic, drawing on individual client needs, and integrating various frameworks, and techniques such as Jungian

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