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My Approach

Basic Philosophy

In classical Greek, psyche meant soul, or breath of life. From this word we may understand the origins of psychology, psychiatry, and psychotherapy— the study of the individual’s soul and all its components. For optimal health we function best when all components - body, mind, soul/spirit are working in harmony.

Life can be as an unfolding hero’s journey – “to know thyself”.  My job as a therapist can be akin to a witness and guide.  The one who facilitates to hold up the mirror (observing self – mindfulness) to meet the medusa’s head of our inner demons, and when to meet  and see our inner gifts and guidance.

Experiences, patterns, and belief systems that we learned as children may influence us as adults—in our relationships, and at work, affecting our sense of self, and aspirations. We are born with a range of possibilities and strengths, but through the course of our development various life experiences may require us to develop a "character style" that is adaptive and/or protective at the time; however, oftentimes these “adaptive styles” may become impediments to deepen connections with Self and others.

Through the use of both traditional therapy and alternative healing techniques my work with you would be to assist in identifying and understanding the connections between current and past experiences in your life, family of origin, and the overarching family soul.  To facilitate the release of old patterns of feeling, thinking, and acting, familial and historical entanglements, and lay the groundwork for new types of responses. When a problem is very much rooted in the present, the work may be to understand what gives the problem its “charge” and release this.

This approach can be very specific and problem focused, or longer term on foundational core issues. Whatever specific goals you have chosen to work on, ultimately the aim is to assist you in reclaiming your inner strength and resources. I see this as deepening your connection to Self.

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