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Family & Systems Constellations

 Family and Systems Constellations is a therapeutic approach that can reveal hidden influences affecting the flow of our life and love.  This approach can offer release, clarity, and unwind entanglements hidden from our awareness.  It engages  the individual and the larger systems they are a part of – family, culture, or organization.  It meaningfully integrates the trans-rational, trans-generational, and phenomenological.   


Burt Hellinger, a German psychotherapist introduced family systems constellations in the 1980’s. It’s roots draw from family systems psychology existential phenomenology, and the indigenous mysticism from the Zulu tribe’s worldview, and ritual practices.


Family and System Constellations is a method of healing that accesses deeper levels of knowing that are not accessible through normal mental states but rather through the trans-rational, or open presence.   When the mind is quiet and awareness gently rests in the moment, one can tune in to, listen to, and sense the “field of knowing”.   The knowing field is also referred to as the “morphogenetic field” popularized by Rupert Sheldrake.  For more information see

We are not aware of what we carry from the generations that came before us. Now referred to in science as epigenetic phenomena.  These patterns of limitations and gifts can appear in our lives as repetitive patterns.  As a fractal of historical trauma flowing down the river of life, from grandparent, to parent, to child.  



The process starts by setting up the problem, concern, or area of inquiry through representations.  In a group setting, other people may be representatives, whereas in individual settings, objects are chosen.  The question, engages and opens all participants to the field of knowing.  And as a representative there is a movement into resonance with the morphic field of the querent. 

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