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Soul Navigation Cards

Soul Navigation Cards are an easy-to-use oracle deck designed to facilitate deeper insights into your inner processes and your evolving soul. They can be used to address specific questions you may have, or as part of a daily contemplative practice.

The creative process that leads to the Soul Navigation Cards was informed by elements of the Tarot, shamanic explorations, and positive psychology with the aim of capturing the experience of the evolving self. The intention of the cards is to assist in accessing the language of the soul through synchronicity, metaphor and deep listening, and in doing so, form a deeper connection to Self, and raise awareness of the interplay of the inner and outer world.


“I am having such a wonderful time with your cards! They are so amazing. They are magical; the images/illustrations are absolutely beautiful and add so much power to each card’s message. Thank you so much for this incredible gift and opportunity to hear/learn from our sacred universe. You are a true artist and visionary.” —K. Burke, L.Ac

“Soul Navigation Cards are magical. I've used oracle cards for decades, and these are the most fun and alive cards I have ever used. I find they are useful in my healing practice, and students are crazy about them. They are relevant not just for daily inspiration, but they very accurately and reliably reflect an answer, or represent the subject of inquiry. There is something quite inspired in the images...not just pretty. Some of the images, like Boundaries, I would not consider "pretty" at all, but certainly powerful with a symbolic language that deepens the meaning of the words beyond the words. Together they create an alchemical meaning that speaks to the spirit and soul. Truly wonderful cards.” —Michelle M. Shamanic Practionner

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